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As you guys know, I’m a big fan of manifestation practice. I consider it a psychological experiment on myself and I’m slowly building a long-overdue belief system that combines science with an intentional embracing of mystery and the unknown (what I consider “magick”).

Only a couple weeks ago, I was feeling depressed and hopeless, because of my current money/work situation. I felt like I’d been trying to manifest a better situation for months, but a clever friend pointed out to me what I’d been lacking in my practice and where my mindset was hurting me.

What I Was Doing Wrong

For manifestation to work the way you would hope or expect, you really need to be asking IN THE RIGHT WAY. You must know what you want and ask for it specifically. You have to believe you have a right to ask, and you absolutely have to take action supporting your request.

Little tricks like visualization and daily affirmations also have a big impact – planning on achieving your goals or feeling like they’ve already happened puts you in a space of confidence and positivity.

I realized what I’d been doing for months was any number of the following:

  • I was asking, but not taking action.
  • I was taking action, but meekly, not believing I was worthy of what I wanted or capable of achieving it.
  • I was asking for something that’s too vague (and getting it, but not wanting it).
  • I was asking for something I don’t actually want because I thought I needed it or it was all I felt I deserved (and getting it).
  • I was asking out of desperation, fear, and scarcity, rather than out of a place of confidence, love, and abundance.


After feeling clear about How This All Works and what I needed to do, I decided to devote 2 weeks to achieving my revived goal of finding and securing the perfect job for my short- and medium-term needs.

Instead of focusing on the fear of not making enough money to survive or of how little money I had, I started focusing on how much I DID have and feeling grateful for it. In fact, I made a point of being generous with the money I had.

I challenged the thoughts in my head that this perfect job didn’t exist, or that I wouldn’t be qualified, or that I didn’t deserve to want it. I tried to rewire my beliefs to the extreme positive – that plenty of people out there are looking for me, will bust down my door to get me, and that I have a right to ask for this.

I focused on embracing myself and my life exactly as it is now, rather than getting down on myself for gaining weight, not having a secure job, not making the rv work, drinking too much, etc. Instead I told myself that I’m totally freaking amazing and that I’m in the process of a huge breakthrough.

I wrote up an intention/ affirmation sheet of sorts to sit with each morning because I believe in the power of words to impact the mind in ways that are hard for us to detect or trace, and because obviously, having these thoughts at least once in the morning increases the chances that we will feel more confident, more hopeful, and more positive and make choices that are more aligned with our goals throughout the day.

The more time you put into positivity and focusing on your goal, the more likely you are to get the desired outcome.

This is the science end of manifestation in a nutshell: some biohacking to put your brain and body in the best state to achieve your goal.

Morning Intentions

ON THE DAY I WROTE THIS (day 2 of the 2 weeks), I had an immediate response to a job I applied for. My current client offered me a 4+ month extension of our current contract, 3 other side projects to help me out and an extra $1000 when he found out I had been making 25% of my usual rate because we had underestimated this project. A day later, I had two job leads come out of nowhere.

Now my greatest struggle is whether to take the cornucopia of small projects my client has offered me and remain a liberated freelancer (albeit with an uncertain future) or to wait to see if anything else comes down the line and perhaps try to “sell out” into a full time job.

How does it work? Some of it is really obvious even if surprising. And some of it feels truly mysterious (and we get to decide what that means to us… I prefer to believe for now just a bit in forces we can’t yet detect). But it really doesn’t matter in a way. IT WORKS. And I FEEL BETTER. I feel hopeful, proud, and excited.

Now the real trick is keeping that positive mindset going! Small wins every day.

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