Self Mastery

All of the internal things that impact our health, happiness, and effectiveness in the world.

  • You Weren’t Born With Talent

    The thesis of David Shenk’s book, The Genius in All of Us is that talent is not inborn. Our skills and intelligence are not determined solely by our genes, but by the dynamic interaction of our genes and our environment. What does this mean for, say, musicians? Geniuses like Mozart are made, not born. Pick […]

  • Stop Trying To Be Yourself

    When we think about being authentic, we think about being real. Being genuine. We’re always told to “just be yourself”. But, we all wonder, who the hell is that? So this past year, my sense of identity was pretty much obliterated. Pretty much every aspect of my life that I leaned on for a sense of identity […]

  • Mood Magick

    It’s important to practice allowing our uncomfortable feelings and exploring the thoughts that may be causing us to suffer. But after you’ve done your processing, it may be time to move on. That’s where mood magick comes in. And yes I’m calling it that because it’s more fun than “emotion replacement” or whatever. And because it […]

  • Challenging Your Thoughts

    I’ll bet you cashmoney that when it comes to feeling crappy, 80% of the time, you’re the culprit. Just kidding. This isn’t about fault. It is however, about self-sabotage, and I’m going to show you how cut that out. Ain’t nobody got time for that. Perception Is Everything As we go about our day, we’re constantly acting […]

  • Emotional Meditation

    In my post about neuro alchemy, I talked about how you can become an alchemist of your own mind, gaining control over your thoughts, feelings, and actions, thereby empowering you to change your life and the world. Damn that’s epic. I love that. One of the foundational skills to support this transformation is becoming more aware of your […]

  • Neuro Alchemy

    I want to share with you a secret about magick: I believe we are all magicians. All of us are active witches, warlocks, wizards, sorcerers, and alchemists. I’m not kidding in the least. If “magic” is really just a word we use for unexplainable forces and phenomena (everything, after all, seems like magic until science […]